Donor Families

What is a donor family

Making the courageous decision to donate your loved one’s organs and/or tissue is one of the most daunting tasks you will ever do. Many donor families have said the feeling that had after the decision helped them cope with the grief.

In the transplant advocacy community donor families are considered to be heroes; your loved one has become a life saver to a person fighting to stay alive. Your family has giving this person and their family a second chance.

Your selfless act, your courageous decision has made you a donor family.

Am I alone

There are a lot of other people and families that have experienced the devastating effects of losing a loved one and donating their organs. We can help you by pointing you to donor family groups. The OPO that contacted you about organ donation at your overwhelming time can also introduce you to these groups. Your OPO want to help you, it is part of what they do.

No you are not alone. The fact is you and your family have taken the first step to your road to recovery and other donor families are looking forward to meeting you to share your story, your memories and help you heal.

What can I do

You can get involved. Your OPO needs your help. They need you to share your story with others. You can get support and you give support. You play an important role.

How much will it cost to donate

There will be no out of pocket costs. The recipient’s insurance will cover the entire procedure

Can we have an open casket funeral

Yes, every step is taken to perserve your loved one’s body. Doctors are people too. They have families, they live the same lives we do. They are not going to disregard you belief’s.

Why are donors and donor families called heros?

The longer someone is waiting for a transplant, the closer they get to the realization without a transplant their life will end. This feeling is spread through the entire family. Many families are planning funerals when all of a sudden a second chance of life arrives as two families share the same event in different ways. One family’s sadness becomes another family’s champion.