Get Involved

Life is a gift. So many of us go through it wondering what the meaning of life is. Some of us look to GOD for the answer, some feel that we evolved from star stuff. Whatever you believe one thing is for certain; we humans are one big family. No matter where you were born, what language you speak what color your skin, what color your hair or your body type we all share the same basic human features. We all have family and friends. We all need of sense of purpose…

Why not volunteer? If you are an advocate for something that sense of purpose will be fulfilled.

We are always looking for volunteers to help spread the word that transplantation works. We also accept monetary donations. We are a non-profit organization that purpose is to spread the word and others that are going through the organ transplantation process.

Did you know?

  • 22 people die every day while waiting for a transplant.
  • One organ donor can save 8 lives and change the lives of more than 50 people.
  • Almost anyone can be an organ donor, regardless of age or medical history.
  • All major religions in the U.S. support organ donation.
  • Donors can still have open casket funerals, and organ donation doesn’t cost the donor’s family any money.
  • If a person is hospitalized, the medical staff provides the best possible care, regardless of organ donor status. Donation is only considered after a patient has died.
  • Donors are needed for all races and ethnic groups. Transplant success rates increase when organs are matched between members of the same ethnic background.
  • Signing the back of your license or a donor card is not enough. To officially register as an organ donor, click here.